Welcome to University Of Lagos Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development

The Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development (CHSD) formerly known as Centre for Housing Studies at the University of Lagos was established to equip policy makers, law makers, housing providers and researchers with the appropriate tools for profitable, affordable housing provision. The Centre pioneers new ways of housing provision and management, reviews current and emerging practice in the housing industry and support those who have the responsibility for proffering policies to manage the housing situation in Nigeria and Africa.

It has recently been designated as a Centre for Excellence in urbanization and habitable cities by the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA). This means that the Centre would co-ordinate research in the aforementioned area amongst the thirteen member African universities, opening the vista for in-depth engagement and solution findings to Africa’s most critical urban issues. It also creates opportunities for forging deeper linkages between stakeholders in the housing and real estate industry for the advancement of sustainable principles in housing finance, affordability, delivery and management.