• Land Administration and Management in African cities - Professor Modupe Omirin

    What inspired your research in Land Administration and Management?

    My undergraduate head of department at University of Nsukka, (Enugu campus, Nigeria) whom I found to be a very inspiring Lecturer had a lot of knowledge about land traditions in Nigeria, and whenever he shared his experience in class; it often quickened something in my mind. I realized that the way our land matters were handled, were not really supporting the aspirations of people, and secondly, the socio-economic development …

  • Municipal Revenue and Property Taxation in Africa - Professor Olufemi Saibu

     Interview: “Municipal Revenue and PropertyTaxation in Africa”

    In this Interview, Professor Saibu addresses the possibilities of increasing municipal revenue through Property taxation in Africa.


    Olufemi Saibu is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics, University of Lagos, Nigeria.  Apart from his traditional macroeconomic research and modelling research, he also specialises in housing, transport urban economic informality and finance as …

  • Pervading Issues Associated with Informality in African Cities - Associate Professor Taibat Lawanson

    Interview: “Pervading Issues Associated with Informality in African Cities”

    In this Interview, Dr Lawanson provides fresh perceptive on the issues surrounding informal communities in African cities.



    My name is Taibat Lawanson, I am Associate Professor of urban planning at the University of Lagos Nigeria, and I lead the Pro-poor development working group and research cluster at the Centre of Excellence in Urbanization and Habitable Cities at the University of …

  • Africa's Urban Realities - Professor Leke Oduwaye

    INTERVIEW: “Cities and Urbanization in Africa”

    Prof Oduwaye shares his view on the dynamics of cities and urbanization in Africa.

    Prof. Leke  Oduwaye  is a Town Planner and Architect. A professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos. He leads the African Urbanization Dynamics hub at the Centre of Excellence in Urbanization and Habitable Cities at the University of Lagos.  He  has researched extensively into pro-poor urban …

  • Enhancing The Real Estate Value Chain Through Concessionary Contracts.


    Nigeria’s high growth rate, coupled with its urbanization statistics has brought about the much referenced housing deficits of over 14million units. Various strategies has been adopted by successive Nigerian governments to tackle these deficits, from the direct construction approach to the involvement of the private sector in the National Housing Policy of 1991 and the new housing policy direction derived from the reports of the Presidential Committee on Housing and Urban …

  • Government has no Business in Business

    Professor Timothy Olugbenga Nubi spoke to Jude Njoku on why PPP is the best approach  to projects delivery in present day Nigeria.

    Why concessions?

    A nation is like any family. You can never have all the resources to meet your needs. So, all over the world, modernization brought so much needs and pressure on government. Modernization in terms of the need for roads, housing, railway systems and other infrastructures. Look at the railway system for example, what we had in the 90s is …

  • Mortgage Refinancing in Nigeria: Federal Government Shouldn’t Duplicate Institutions

    An expert in mortgage issues, Professor Timothy Nubi has described mortgage financing in Nigeria as a welcome idea, however, the creation of the Mortgage Financing Company is a duplication of an already existing institution, Federal Mortgage bank.

    While speaking on Channels Television’s Business Morning, he explained that Mortgage refinancing aims to make housing affordable for Nigerians but “the Federal Mortgage Bank should have been empowered to do it”.

    He said creating …

  • Federal Government should Pay More Attention On Housing

    Nigeria’s housing problem can be solved with proper use of co-operative society, a Professor of Estate Management at the University of Lagos, Professor Timothy Nubi, has said.

    Professor Nubi, who was a guest on Channels Television’s ‘Business Morning’, says the model of using co-oporative  in housing development started in UK where it is called building society and in the US it is known as mutual group.

    He believes that with this model, housing can be more …