2020 World Cities Day





 Organized by

United Nations Information Centre Lagos, Nigeria

& UN Habitat UN Habitat Nairobi, Kenya


 In collaboration with

Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies, University of Lagos & Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development, University of Lagos

10.00 AM (WAT)                Friday, November 6, 2020

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIpf--qpj0vG9U2yCBRf-1RvUrAECGKtwDn


Meeting ID: 864 8628 6511


Passcode: 742469 

The World Cities Day is celebrated globally on October 31 every year but in view of the current situation in Nigeria, we decide to hold our event on November 6, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic this year, with 90% infection rates in urban areas, has highlighted the urgency for addressing the challenges bedeviling our cities and communities in that Covid-19 has exacerbated systemic failures and amplified inefficiencies in established structures of the healthcare, social, economic and political sectors. Disruptions occasioned by the pandemic make it imperative to pause and rethink all aspects of human interaction, especially those necessary for survival.  At the urban scale in Nigeria, this becomes more urgent especially considering the high urbanization and migration rates.


Local  communities  are  considered  as  the  lifeline  of  the  city  and  an  essential  tool for  providing  the economic, environmental and social value that leads to improvements in the quality of life of citizens at the microscale. However, they are often neglected in the distribution of urban resources because cities are considered centres of economic opportunity and wealth creation. In spite of the fact that municipal governments are not adequately empowered to effectively deliver on their mandates of basic service provisioning, there are case of innovative practices at various urban scales that help to move communities and cities on the pathway to sustainable urbanization.


The webinar is based on the theme of 2020 World Cities Day Valuing our Cities and Communities, and the Nigerian contextualization of ENHANCING THE VALUE OF NIGERIAN CITIES AND COMMUNITIES. The webinar will engage key stakeholders in the evaluation of Nigerian cities and communities along the tripod of economic, social and environmental sustainability.


The webinar will interrogate the intrinsic values of sustainable urbanization and develop practical and feasible strategies on how they can be birthed and/or strengthened across the country.


The objectives are as follows:

1.       Appraise the sustainability of existing urban economic structures and how these affect the livelihood realities of residents

2.       Determine the lacuna between community priorities and governance decisions and how these gaps affect participatory planning and urban transformation.

3.       Establish the depth of environmental degradation and how it affects urban liveability and vulnerability

4.     Recommend how governance and innovation can be leveraged for the enhancement of sustainable urbanization