Ilasan Regeneration Project

The Ilasan redevelopment project is a historic one, being fraught with the past injustice of a military regime that saw the unlawful eviction of several thousands of residents from Maroko and to Ilasan Jakande Estate, an uncompleted housing estate in Lekki. The Estate had become run-down over time, and the community had approached the Lagos Building and Investment Company (LBIC), which possessed the rights on the land, to intervene in the redevelopment of the estate. The Director of UNILAG Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development- Professor Nubi was invited by the Managing Director of Lagos Building and Investment Company (LBIC) to be a member of an ad-hoc committee to see to the redevelopment of the Estate. 

The need for an enumeration and verification exercise for the redevelopment of the Ilasan Jakande estate came as a result of the review of the existing documents received from the Ilasan Community through the legal adviser, SERAC. The document had been requested by the Project Steering Committee to enable informed decision making based on a sound knowledge of past efforts at the redevelopment of Ilasan. 

The Project Steering Committee had also assigned members to several committees; the enumeration and verification exercise being a key sub-committee. The implementation of the enumeration and verification exercise was vested on the University of Lagos entre for Housing studies, with Professor T. G. Nubi has the Project Director. 

Rigorous preparation for the commencement of the exercise commenced with the submission of the Interim Report of the Project Steering Committee to Lagos Building Investment Company (LBIC) in March 2017. A service Level Agreement was signed by both parties. Consultations were thereafter held with residents at a town hall meeting to facilitate the co-operation of the residents and also to address any lingering issues surrounding the proposed exercise. The meeting was largely successful with residents largely pledging their support. Although issues regarding the quality of representative of the Ilasan Community, pending court cases and so on raised by a minor group of residents caused a minor scuffle, the situation was quickly brought under control and the meeting ended with high prospects and expectations for a successful enumeration and verification exercise in the coming weeks. 

Prof. Nubi presenting the report MD, Lagos Building Investment Company (LBIC)

Presentation of enumeration and verification report to community leaders

Meeting with Community leaders and Committee members at Boardroom, LBIC

Town hall meeting at Ilasan 

Verification exercise at Ilasan