Federal Government should Pay More Attention On Housing

Nigeria’s housing problem can be solved with proper use of co-operative society, a Professor of Estate Management at the University of Lagos, Professor Timothy Nubi, has said.

Professor Nubi, who was a guest on Channels Television’s ‘Business Morning’, says the model of using co-oporative  in housing development started in UK where it is called building society and in the US it is known as mutual group.

He believes that with this model, housing can be more affordable.

He says the problem Nigeria is facing is its inability to see housing as a system, a problem he blames on the government.

According to him, the government cannot deliver houses to its citizens until it gets the institutions in place.

Professor Nubi was speaking in the light of the forthcoming World Economic Forum on Africa, with the theme, ‘Forging Inclusive Growth and Creating Jobs’.

Housing has been universally accepted as the second most important human need.

It is a basic need for human survival and an essential component to the advancement of the quality of life of the citizenry.


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