ARUA CoE Urbanization and Habitable Cities 

The Centre for Excellence for Urbanization and Habitable Cities is a platform for bringing together researchers from other African Countries to address salient and often intractable problems associated with urbanization in African Cities. It has been awarded to the centre under the auspices of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA).

Vision Statement: To be the hub for world class, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, applied research on urbanization and habitable cities; connecting researchers for the purpose of initiating, developing, disseminating and affecting change in Africa’s cities.

Mission Statement: To attract, through collaborative actions; active researchers and funders, across all cadres, from within and outside Africa, that would work together with stakeholders from academia, private sector, government and non-government organizations to solve the diverse problems evident in African cities.

The CoE has been designed around seven thematic areas which are organized as research clusters to attract and sustain funding for active catalytic research.  Each Cluster is composed of work groups in relevant sub-thematic areas. Using already established networks and future collaborations with ARUA Institution partners, the cluster will initiate, absorb and sustain strong platforms for the utilization of research outputs in these research areas, while providing strategic opportunities for ensuring the growth of early career researchers, postgraduate students and undergraduate students across Africa. Under the dynamic leadership of its Director, Prof Timothy Nubi, with a core theme of experts, themselves experienced researchers and mentors well-grounded in the integration of the principles of sustainable development in their key areas of expertise, the CoE will establish a high visibility for Africa’s peculiar urbanization issues and offer profound, workable solutions for ensuring that Africa’s urbanization leads to generative, habitable cities rather than dysfunctional cities. 

CoE Research Clusters

1. Sustainable cities and African urbanization dynamics cluster led by Professor Adeleke O. Oduwaye. This cluster works around issues relating to resilient cities, city development policy, environmental changes in cities amongst others.

2. Housing and regeneration cluster led by Professor Gbenga T. Nubi. This cluster researches towards housing regeneration and Housing market analysis.

3. Urban health and livability cluster led by Professor Immaculata I. C. Nwokoro. The work of this research cluster is centered on environmental evaluation and quality of living and urban health policy and planning.

4. Sustainable urban design and infrastructure cluster led by Professor Michael A. Adebamowo. This cluster researches on issues relating to sustainable buildings/housing, sustainable communities and sustainable infrastructure.

5. Land management and administration cluster led by Professor Modupe M. Omirin. This research cluster focuses on Land rights, geospatial information system, land markets and accessibility and land valuation and taxation.

6. Sustainable construction and construction skill development cluster led by Professor Olumide A. Adenuga. The cluster researches on issues relating to sustainable facilities maintenance, African construction capacity and local content, Artisans’ skills acquisition research, construction materials, technical and process innovation, energy, efficiency and indoor air quality of building, sustainable design management and sustainable waste management.

7. Pro-poor governance and management in Africa cluster led by Associate Professor Taibat O. Lawanson. This research cluster is centered on informal economy work group, informal settlement work group and urban governance work group


Professor T. G. Nubi                                                                  

CoE Director/Research Leader (Housing and regeneration)

Professor ’Leke Oduwaye

Cluster Leader (Sustainable cities and African urbanization dynamics.)

Professor Michael A. Adebamowo

Cluster Leader (Sustainable urban design and infrastructure.)

Professor Immaculata I. C. Nwokoro

Cluster Leader (Urban health and livability.)

Professor Olumide A. Adenuga

Cluster Leader (Sustainable construction and construction skill development.)


Professor Modupe M. Omirin

Cluster Leader (Land management and administration.)

Associate Professor Taibat O. Lawanson

Cluster Leader (Pro-poor governance and management in Africa.)

Dr. Basirat Oyalowo

CoE Research Manager