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Who we are

The African Research Network for Urbanization and Habitable Cities is an ARUA-UKRI GCRF Network hosted by the University of Lagos Centre of Excellence for Urbanization and Habitable Cities with the aim of providingstrategic platform for developing research capacities in African Institutions to address the Sustainable Development Goals. The Network’s activities began in October 2019 with an inception Workshop hosted by the University of Lagos. 



i. To develop a collaborative, interdisciplinary network of African researchers capable of producing knowledge and interventions to address seemingly intractable issues in Africa’s urban areas. 
ii. To promote rigorous networking through co-hosting of, and participation in capacity building and professional development programs such as workshops, masterclasses, seminars, conferences, webinars, exhibitions, panels and amongst others
iii. To advance impactful education and capacity-building for post graduate researchers through targeted mentorships by way of doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships and research interactions with leading researchers in Africa and the UK.
iiii. To improve the competitiveness of African researchers by linking them to researchers in continental and global networks 
v. To foster collaborations with research end-users in industry, civil society and policy sectors to develop capacity for impactful research. 
vi. To provide outlets for African research activities to enhance knowledge and understanding of African problems and to promote the adoption of local led solutions. 
vii. To provide a platform for knowledge and information brokerage and sharing on issues in Africa.


Network activities:

➢ Research
➢ Scoping studies to enable researchers (especially post-graduate and early careers) take part in research activities
➢ Themed capacity building workshops to build skills in research, community engagement, policy engaged and business case development 
➢ Masterclasses in specific knowledge areas
➢ Mandatory PhD colloquia in annual conferences
➢ Researcher exchange programs 
➢ Linked Post graduate studies
➢ Joint Conferences



Pioneering African Universities

1. American University of West Africa, The Gambia
2. Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
3. Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria
4. Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) of the NjalaUniversitySierra Leone 
5. Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda
6. University of Cape Town, South Africa
7. University of Ghana, Ghana
8. University of Lagos, Nigeria (Hub University)
9. University of Nairobi, Kenya 
10. University of Zambia, Zambia


With Support from

1. Institute for Sustainable Building DevelopmentHeriot Watt University
2. Home, Housing and Communities Research GroupUniversity of Stirling
3. Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham



CoE Research Clusters

The Network’s activities are anchored on its host Centre of Excellence which has eight multidisciplinary research clusters. These clusters carry out knowledge co-production in research, advocacy and capacity building programmes. The clusters are multidisciplinary in nature and work with a broad spectrum of stakeholders across policy makingpublic service, business, civil society, women and community groups for impact.


1. Sustainable cities and African urbanization dynamics cluster works around issues relating to resilient cities, city development policy and environmental changes in cities amongst others.


2. Housing and regeneration cluster researches in both the formal and informal housing sector, with specific focus on housing regeneration, slum upgrades, informal housing, housing finance and housing market analysis.


3. Urban health and livability cluster is centered on environmental evaluation and quality of living and urban health policy and planning.


4. Sustainable urban design and infrastructure clusterresearches on issues relating to sustainable buildings/housing, thermal comfort and sustainable infrastructure.


5. Land management and administration clusterfocuses on repositioning land management and administration for efficient land governance and sustainable developments, gender equity in land rights and land tenure issues.

6. Sustainable construction and construction skill development cluster researches on issues relating to sustainable facilities maintenance, African construction capacity and local content, Artisans’ skills acquisition research, construction materials, technical and process innovation. 


7. Pro-poor governance and management in Africa cluster is centered around its informal economy work group, informal settlement work group and urban governance work group.


8. Spatial Data Infrastructure cluster’s activities are dedicated towards developing a digital data hub for African research networks and expanding its spatial data infrastructure framework.






Centre Management




CoE Co-Director

Dr. Basirat OYALOWO

CoE Research Manager

Professor Timothy Gbenga NUBI

CoE Director






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